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Holiday House Lights Festive!

We all love the Christmas spirit and the joy that comes with seeing a home decorated with Christmas lights. To make sure everyone can see and appreciate the dedication that these home owners have done during the Christmas season we would like anyone that sees an update or changed home to please press the outdated property button below.

Help us bring joy to the lives of others by expanding our map to show more homes decorated for the christmas season. Seeing these amazing homes can bring back fond memories of the Christmas season, so please submit as many locations as you can.

Thank you for helping us spread joy to others this Christmas.

Christmas Light Display Map

Welcome to Holiday House Lights festive finder! Making a favourite holiday tradition easier.

What’s better than the memories of squeezing into the car with the family and sightseeing all the bright and colourful displays in your neighbourhood? What’s a warmer feeling than hot cocoa and looking for an LED Rudolph in the snow?

A handy-dandy interactive map that marks all of the bright, memory-making light displays in the area. Grab your phone and let us take you on a magical journey of the Holiday House Lights.

Why was created for all of you holiday-house-hunters, and Christmas light-lovers!
Here, you can find holiday light displays (residential or commercial) in your area.

It’s easier now than ever!

As a user-submission based network, it’s easy when spotting a well-decorated house to submit that address quickly on your phone or computer into our system! Then, that house will be added to our interactive map where people can find it and find others like it.

Have a display of your own?

Add it to our data system. All arrangements of holiday decor are welcome!